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Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
and 1:00 in the afternoon in the did -- in madrid where the spanish government is due to unveil the latest controversial cuts. there are speculation pensions could be cut back, taxes raised in-state own businesses privatized. prime minister mariano rajoy is looking to slash spending by some 40 billion euros, about $50 billion. the prospect of yet more austerity for a country in deep recession -- unemployment running staggering 25% -- has already seen thousands take to the street in clashes with police brief was get the latest from our correspondent in the madrid. >> the frustration of some people here in spain and particular the young, has pulled over on to the streets for two nights running here in madrid. they were not the violent demonstrations we saw from the night before but there was some tension last night. but many here in spain feel the government here has no choice, that it needs to reduce its spending to balance its budget for the to convince the eurozone which have already helped out the banks here and might have to help spain again. late last night, thousands again
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
strikes under way in greece. the streets of the spanish capital madrid are calm after a night of violent protests. riot police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators who tried to march on the parliament building, angry at their governments' efforts in spending cuts. now this report from madrid. >> many in the crowd were young. this protest was organized by social media. -- via social media. it was more expensive than other recent demonstrations -- more tense. thousands gathered on the roads in their evening. their path was blocked by hundreds of riot police. and then this. the police moved in, taking out certain people. the police were prepared. 1300 were deployed in the roads around the parliament. they had few problems holding back the protesters. this was yet another demonstration against spain's economic reforms. the government is set to announce yet more austerity measures on thursday. 63 >> it's time for people to rise up. they're taking us back to the 19th century. >> but for every protester, there are many who did not turn out. all the anger against austerity, there are others who
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm PDT
. sepa qué revelaron. >> ♪. >> ¿cómo estás? buenas tardes. >> sí, buenas tardes, ganó el real madrid pero hay amago de problemas internos, dicen que cristiano ronaldo no celebra goles pero está triste y que en el club saben por qué, la novia no lo va a dejar. >> lo que sí dijo que es un tema profesional. >> la victoria del madrid, junto con la de van persie, esto y mucho más en el resumen. >> en la "liga mx", el toluca recibió al américa, no subo aprovechar la superioridad. >> sambueza adelantó y rodríguez cobró el penal, los diablos están de líderes, con 17 puntos. >> ahora nos vamos al santiago bernabéu, el madrid que goleó al granada, higuain cerró la cuenta y consiguen su primera victoria. >> el manchester united visitó al ..., dos goles le otorgaron la segunda victoria. >> el arsenal sumó sus tres puntos, el liverpool sigue sin ganar un juego en esta temporada. >> también ganó barcelona sobre el valencia. >> así es, gracias alejandro. >> el candidato republicano, disfruto jugando golf con una naranja, y le hicieron una pregunta sobre la naranja, y él la respond
Sep 22, 2012 4:30am PDT
life on the line in protest. >> madrid, 4:30 in the afternoon. he takes up his post outside the ministry of industry. he is 90 days into his thunderstrike and has already lost 25 kilos. he is visibly weak. three days ago, he was hospitalized. >> they admitted me because i had heart problems. because the body uses up its carbohydrate reserves first. then it's fatten and its protein reserves or muscle mass. and the heart is a muscle. >> but he was undeterred and returned to his spot in front of the ministry as soon as he could. he is as committed to his cause as ever. early this year, the spanish government cut subsidies for renewable energy in albuquerque, leaving his home town -- many in his hometown out of work. >> sometimes you have to risk your net to raise awareness of what matters. and this issue matters not only in my hometown but in the whole region and spain. >> his son is located close to spain's border with portugal, and it is home to a population of 5000. people there came out in force to support him once he began his hunger strike in madrid. every morning at 10:0
Sep 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
tenemos más detalles a las 11 parece qu ele apagaron las luces al real madrid , si les fue bien pero le apagaron las luces. >>> ayer no se pudo realizar el partido porque no hubo luces barcelona con 5 victorias va como lidar mientras que real madrid es séptimo . >>> por cierto hoy en el campamento , méxico fue y por fernanda perez ellos superaron a otro pais malas noticias para los de new york ya que no tendrán que enfrantar los y ellos estarán visitando el domingo , error de carlos gomez tragame tierra. >>> marcos estrada no lo podia creer es todo lo que tenemos y feliz tarde. >>> como parte de las celebraciones en tokio esta semana el edifioc se puso multicolores. >>> con
Sep 25, 2012 7:00pm EDT
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Sep 25, 2012 3:00pm EDT
, all. talk to you later. let's get to some breaking news right now in madrid. >> we want to show you some live video that's coming in courtesy of the leading newspaper in spain. these are the protests that have turned violent in the center of madrid in the area around the parliament building. we have seen police beating the protesters. we have heard explosions. we don't know what they are because we haven't seen the typical plumes of smoke that are normally associated with tear gas, nor have we seen gas masks. there has definitely been violence. about an hour ago, there were reports of 15 arrests. certainly that number has gone up because we've seen people taken away. you can see where they've set up a number of police vehicles in the center of what's called the neptune blplaza. they're protesting what are expected to be big cuts in spending and also big increases in taxes when a new budget comes out on thursday. once again, it has turned violent. they are supposed to leave the square in 20 minutes. their permit runs out in 20 minutes. i don't think they're living. we'll have to watc
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, thousands of people surrounded the spanish parliament in madrid tuesday as the spanish government prepares to unveil further austerity measures. police charged against demonstrators with batons and fired rubber bullets. 35 people were arrested and 60 were injured. president obama addressed the u.n. general assembly with a heavy focus on the wave of protests that have swept muslim countries and the killing of u.s. ambassador christopher stevens. obama condemned the anti-islam film that set off the unrest. >> i have made it clear that the united states government had nothing to do with this video. i believe its message must be rejected. it is an insult not only to muslims but to america as well. in 2012, at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views are around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. how do we respond? on this, we must agree there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. >> he also addressed ongoing tensions with iran. saying he hopes to resolve the nuclear standoff through diplomacy.
Sep 13, 2012 11:30am PDT
been built between madrid and seville-- one can travel between them in just a couple of hours-- is symbolic of this will to connect. narration: constructed in 1992 for the columbus expo, the high-speed madrid-seville train is a symbol of andalucía's desire to link with europe. the larger goal was to become part of the heartland instead of remaining an orchard for the rest of europe. could the sunshine and the quality of life attract hi-tech industry? that was the idea. ( man speaking spanish ) translator: andalucía wants to get rid of this exclusive rural vocation which the world economy has assigned to it. while remaining, of course, a tourist pole for western europe, and keeping certain sectors of food industry which are its own, andalucía wants to get in touch with industry, technology and services. ( speaking spanish ) translator: so our priority is production economy, small- and middle-sized firms, new technologies; for we believe that such is the path to our growth. ( speaking spanish ) translator: in giving an image of a certain modernity, the impact of the expo on t
Sep 26, 2012 5:30am EDT
to business. thousands of protesters clashed with riot police yesterday in madrid, enraged by aterity nnedayor 2013. hikes that will security forces blocking demonstrators trying to surround the parliament building. police firing rubber bullets in to the crowd at times beating protesters back with batons. let's get an early look at e rket with geoff cutmore live inon fus. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you. increasingly i think pictures from europe are going to look like demonstrations. this is the ugly side of austerity. we have the snish out on the streets in madrid effectily sty.estinggain furer budget announcement today expected to bring us further reductions in pension payments. new green taxes. and other attempts to raise revenue possibly through trading transactions on stocks. is i a about rajoy trying to find this 13 billion euros he needs to save from the budget this year. and that budget target is slipping and the people don't like the austerity that's already coming down the pipeline. so it looks like things will get even tougr. and just keep yr eyen ge to a w because we have
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. subway workers went on strike in madrid and barcelona. hundreds of city services were canceled. welcome thisnoisy morning in madrid. the police faced up to rail workers and protested against possible plans to privatize spain's rail network. elsewhere, things went quiet. some services were canceled as those working on the railways went on strike. >> it is complicated. >> i think the strike is there. they want to privatize the rail sector, and i don't think that is right. >> spain has one of the best high-speed rail networks in the world. the unions fear the government plans to -- they believe it would mean job losses and rising fares. over the weekend, thousands of public-sector workers and others demonstrated against the spanish government's austerity reform. the unions warned of more protests. but the government here in madrid shows no signs it is ready to change its agenda of the austerity. in fact, towards the end of this month, the economy minister will announce yet more economic reforms and they could include plans to privatize the railways. privatizing the railways would be a crim
Sep 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
is in madrid. >> this is a significant moment. there is a bailout fund for europe but is not enough to bail out madrid. they needed something bigger and that's something to print money by the ecb and buy out the bonds of italy and spain and anybody else who gets into trouble on an unlimited basis. mariano rajoy, the prime minister will take a lot of convincing because the entire political system has been built on and not taking the bailout, and opposition to the kind of austerity already is growing as i have been finding out this week. there are parts of spain where it would like to make time co backwards. a small town, of course town. -- a horse town. the government is affectively boston needs a billion euros immediately. -- bust and means of building euros immediately. there is an atmosphere of rising protest. last month, the workers' union began raiding supermarkets and taking away food without pain. -- paying. the food is given to the unemployed. the figurehead of this movement is a local mayor, the name and a beard instantly famous. now, he and his comrades are on the march. starring a pro
Sep 18, 2012 6:00pm EDT
novedades de la champions que hoy se jugaron varios partidos. el real madrid jugando en casa paso muchos problemas para derrotar 3-2 al manchester city, con goles de edin dzako, junior, kolarov, karim benzema y cristiano ronaldo. tambien ganaron, oporto, paris saint germain, arsenal, schalke 04, malaga y borussia dortmund. sufrida victoria de real madrid en casa 3-2 sobre manchester city le costo ganar al real madrid en casa. maÑana juega el barca. vamos ahora con las grandes ligas porque tenemos buenas noticias. nate mclount dio a baltimore un buen comienzo abriendo el juego con un jonrÓn y los orioles vencieron anoche a los marineros en seattle 10-4, para mantener interesante la contienda en la divisiÓn este de la liga americana. matt wieters tambiÉn bateÓ un jonrÓn y adam jones anoto Ó cuatro veces por los orioles, que se acercaron a medio juego de los lÍderes yanquis de nueva york. baltimore ademÁs abriÓ una ventaja de tres juegos sobre los angelinos de los angeles en la pelea por un comodÍn. el venezolano endy chavez se fue de 5-1, una empujada para la victoria de los
Sep 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
clubes y vamos a iniciar los deportes con lo que ocurrio esta tarde/noche en madrid por la champions de la uefa. resulta que el real madrid jugando en casa paso muchos problemas para derrotar 3-2 al manchester city, remonto un marcador adverso, los goles fueron anotados por edin dzako, marcelo, kolarov, karim benzema y cristiano ronaldo. otros ganadores de hoy fueron oporto, paris saint germain, arsenal, schalke 04, malaga y borussia dortmund. sufrida victoria de real madrid en casa 3-2 sobre manchester city. mientras que el ac mila con el anderlecht empataron por la liga campeoens de concacaf tambien hay actividad. vamos con las imagenes hasta panama donde el tauro fc jugando de local perdio 1-0 ante real salta lake de la mls, el unico gol fue de penal sobre los 93 minutos y fue anotado por el tido alvaro saborio, gano el real salt lake apretadamente 1-0. aprovecho para contarles que por la copa sudamericana, deportivo quito de vista derroto 3-1 al aurora de cochabamba bolivia, y liga de loja de ecuador tambien de visita derroto 2-1 al vamos a conocer ahora como esta la obra del nuev
Aug 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, cae la pelota y gol de los colchoneros en el 75 atletico de madrid se descuido atletico de madrid se coronaba >> dos santos vio luz y se arreglo para jugar en la liga de españa >> e problema en la primera entrada, joe anotaba, en tercera entrada alfonso, república dominicana número 24 cuadrangular, madison acepto 5 carreras en 6 hits república dominicana envía y victoria de cachorros 6 a 4 la dodgers visitaran a arizona >> y en salud sabe usted que las buenas horas de sueño hace que sus hijos sean más saludables y la ciesta hace que los hijos sean más felices y exitosos, el médico recomienda que sus hijos sigan tomando siesta >> en mi caso podría estar tomando siesta siempre >> una clínica dio atención gratis y se formaron desde las 3 de la mañana >> pensaba atemder a 70 personas pero la necesidad era tan grande que atendieron a 5 personas más >> prometieron ofrecer
Sep 27, 2012 4:00am EDT
. speaking of which, protesters gathering in madrid raised their call for the spanish government to resign. demonstrators again clashed with police, which left 64 injured and led to 38 arrests. prime minister rajoy's reforms have proved deeply unpopular. out to steve sedgwick now who is following the story. steve, are we expecting the intensity of the protests to increase? >> i don't think we are. they've made their point in some cases violently. this is another protest scheduled for saturday evening. just have a look at what's going on in the sxaexact area. this is the neptune fountain, this is the heart of the madrid heart and we have the five star hotel that kelly i'm sure you've stayed at many a times. and this is the area which leads up to the congress, to the parliament. and you can see there are a lot barricades waiting and ready. it's a very normal business day here ahead of what will be yet another bought of austerity for rajoy's government. this is a government that isn't one that ran up huge debt to gdps during the good time. they had ale balanced budget in the good times. it wa
Sep 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
. >> spain could see a round of fresh strikes tonight after protests in madrid and barcelona turn violent. >> police on high alert following the events in spain as the new coalition government in athens braces for its first strike. >> japanese auto makers scale back production in china as anti-japan protests take their share. shares of toyota and nissan slam in reverse. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to today's program. the conference board measure went up. ignored that yesterday. >> u.s. consumers are about the only consumers who seem to be doing somewhat better these days. certainly not the case across most of europe. >> not that happy in spain. spanish police and protesters clashing in madrid last night. thousands descended on the country's parliament, demanding fresh elections and an end to cuts and tax hikes. joining us on the phone is a reporter for the newspaper. i think you've been up all night. how would you describe the mood on the streets and the strength of these clashes? >> reporter: people were, like --
Sep 19, 2012 2:30pm PDT
bailout from madrid. the mediterranean region of valencia has been called spain's greece. >> it's 1:00 in the afternoon and parents are picking up their children from school. if you could actually call this school. this elementary school in one of the best neighborhoods in valencia consists of welded together sheet metal containers. the heavily indebted government cannot afford to construct a proper building. parents are outraged. >> our children are suffering from the bad conditions here. toilets are overflowing because the pipes were poorly laid. it gets hotter in here that a normal building and it's cold in winter. they are even planning to bring in more containers. >> this the's brand new museum and cultural complex is only a few steps away from the sheet metal school. these spectacular buildings cost more than a billion euros. the parents criticized politicians for not investing more in education and health care. instead, the region ran up more than 20 billion euros in debt constructing prestige projects. >> a huge amount was wasted in valencia on a formula one race track. the
Sep 25, 2012 2:30pm PDT
turn our attention back to europe and anti-rust 30 protesters in madrid have clashed with police. thousands of demonstrators gathered in an effort to block off the parliament building where deputies are not -- are now debating the 2013 budget. it is expected to include more austerity measures and expected to be announced on thursday. amoco is blocked off access to parliament and had deployed more than 1000 police officers. protesters are angry at the cuts in pay and increases in taxis and blame the government and eu institutions for what they call unjust measures -- protesters are angry at the cuts in pay and increases in taxes. correspondent miles johnson is following events in madrid. massive protests today in spain -- why are people taking to the streets in such large numbers? >> i think we have now had months of austerity, but i think there is a growing sign that these austere measures often, in the form of numbers, as people read in the newspapers. >> it appears pretty clear that spain needs help, but the spanish government seems to still be very hesitant to formally ask for
Sep 15, 2012 11:30pm PDT
estrecha vigilancia las finanzas de portugal. una marea humana se tomÓ las calles de madrid para protestar por los recortes aprobados por el gobierno conservador de mariano rajoy. que estÁ in cumpliendo las promesas electorales que le llevaron a obtener una aplastante mayorÍa absoluta hace 10 meses y por lo tanto piden un referendo. >>> ahora pasamos revisiÓn a lo que pasa en el mundo del deporte todo lo trae lycey. >>> que tal felix, buenas noches te salud de los estudios de univisiÓn deporte. en espaÑa real madrid y barcelona. con diferencia del cielo al infierno en inglaterra. el chicharito hernÁndez, jugÓ de titular y arrancamos con el fÚtbol mexicano. >>> arrancamos en el azteca las Águilas recibieron al campeÓn santos. juego repleto de acciÓn. al minuto 49 raÚl jimÉnez consigue ventaja parcial para los de casa y las Águilas comenzaron a levantar vuelo. la cereza del plantel con 2 a 0 definitivo y se llevaron los 3 puntos en la octava jornada. tigres recibiÓ en el universitario a la mÁquina cementera de cruz azul. los felinos llevaban 5 fechas sin ganar. pero hoy hicie
Sep 23, 2012 6:30pm PDT
? >>> se le fue la luz al real madrid. >>> le cortaron los cables, y se tendrÁ que jugar maÑana. y una combinaciÓn de resultados le devolvieron al toluca el liderato. y hubo clÁsico inglÉs. >>> vamos con la acciÓn de la fecha 9, anoche en el estadio caliente, tijuana contra atlas, mancilla par de recortes, saca punterazo, 1 por 0 para los rojinegros. y a los 76 centro bueno de el chango moreno le cae a reascos y se vuela pinto, la empuja y empate para los xolos. >>> y hoy en el estadio nemesio diez toluca contra atlanta, el Único cayo a los 63. lucas silva para el nuevo diablo, victoria para el toluca. el panameÑo se estrena como goleador. y vamos hasta inglaterra, partido entre liverpool y manchester united, y aquÍ a los 46 este golazo de gerrard. y a los 51 el del empate, fue de rafael. y luego a los 76 valencia cae y penal, bastante polÉmico, la marca van persie, y la agarra, y manchester united no perdona. 2 por 1 a favor del united. en la nfl los jets fueron a miami y salieron una dramÁtica victoria, sÁnchez lanzÓ para 306 yardas. y en cuanto al fÚtbol espaÑol, barcel
Sep 6, 2012 7:00pm PDT
situation. german chancellor angela merkel and spanish prime minister mariano rahoy met in madrid. in a news conference after the meeting, rahoy said spain will decrease bad debts held by banks and conduct structural reforms to rebuild the country's financing. he added that his country will also work to achieve economic expansion. merkel said each country must deal with its issues. she called on spain to implement austerity measures to restructure its financing. and that's all for now in business news. i'm going to leave you with the latest market figures. >>> the people responsible for disaster preparedness in japan have drawn up a picture of widespread flooding in tokyo. their scenario shows floodwaters washing down residential streets and through business districts. the government council agreed on a set of guidelines on how to prepare and react. the council of cabinet ministers and sdaflter prevention officials drew up the recommendations. they call on central and local governments to coordinate efforts to deal with the damage. they estimate residential, commercial and business districts
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. gavin hewitt has more from madrid. >> lines of police outside the education ministry in madrid tonight. teachers protested here against cuts. they came onto the street at the government's announced the most severe round of budget savings so far. these latest austerity measures are widely seen as paving the way for a full-scale bailout. >> [spending -- speaking spanish] >> the minister of finance said he heard 2012 would be the last year the economy would shrink. another minister described it as a crisis budget designed to exit the crisis. this austerity budget aims to find savings of 40 billion joerres next year. each government department would how to make cuts of 90%. public-sector pay will be frozen for another year, and the retirement age is set to rise. >> just a few weeks ago, europe believed it had achieved a breakthrough. the european central bank said it would help come -- countries like spain by buying their bonds and reducing their borrowing costs. but there was a catch, spain would have to apply for a rescue and it would be strict conditions. but spain has resisted acceptin
Sep 23, 2012 8:00am EDT
this report from spain. >> for the railway workers to took over madrid's main station this week, time is running out. 65 billion euros worth of cuts and tax increases are getting wages and jobs are hard. -- hitting wages and jobs hard. there is more austerity to come. soon, the spanish prime minister will be forced to take a bailout and the conditions are likely to be tougher sell. it has become an article of faith in spain and become -- that the country has to modernize and become competitive. but as you get closer, you realize how few politicians are prepared to accept what that means, for them, but their party, and the system they have been running for the past 10 years. so, is europe really prepared to throw the hundreds of billions of bailout cash at the political class that brought this country to its knees? one man who helped design modern spain is the former socialist. >> my impression is simply that the government does not know what to do. is not just it is doing things wrong. my impression is it does not know what to do with the spanish economy. nor does it know what role eu
Sep 25, 2012 4:00pm EDT
demanding parliament be dissolved and elections be held. we'll bring you the details on the ground in madrid coming up. meanwhile, the market closing at the lows of the day. things intensifying at the end of the day amidst what's happening in spain as well as the week that we are ending, the third quarter. expectations that earnings are coming in after caterpillar warns and fedex a couple weeks ago. liz saunders says she's beginning to see things in this market that can be a good thing. she joins us now along with janua own rick santelli. what would you attribute this end of day selling to today? >> i think on some technical measures, the market certainly is a bit overbought. we've been saying we wouldn't be surprised to sew ed td to see al back. i think it shows maybe there were itchy traders looking to take some profits. clearly what's going on in spain brings the problems there back to light and we thought would continue to provide short-term volatility from time to time. so far, i wouldn't get too terribly concerned about what we're seeing today. >> what about, mark, the third quarter? w
Sep 26, 2012 12:00pm EDT
protests that turned violent as well in madrid last night and seemed to push spanish yields higher as people start to wonder, wow, are they really going to be able to do these things? are the populations going to be able to take it? what's going to happen to spanish yields when they announce the program tomorrow and the banking program on friday? >> i think it mostly depends on when they are going to request formally assistance from the eu and the imf. i think the program is largely expected to be pretty tough, but what is important is that the credibility is reinforced with the formal request for a program. i think there is opportunity to request assistance when the situation was more quiet and now they're going to be under pressure. >> you heard roy this morning. he said he is not asking for money until his interest rates rise, right? that's the issue. you're saying that he should have done it while the interest rates were low. why would he do it if interest rates are low and life is easy? >> because it is more i think for the future situation it would have been a lot better beca
Sep 3, 2012 5:30pm PDT
as well as damaging winds. it is heating up across the south as well. lisbon up to 34. madrid up to 31 and heading up in the balkan peninsula as well. here is your system forecast as well. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
Sep 9, 2012 11:35pm PDT
rechazo de la ley, sgeun mariano que es fundamental, desde madrid eduardo martín, univisión . >> un nuevo estudio genetico abre la esperanza a persona que sufren cáncer de pulmón, según investigadores más de la mitad de tumores en el pulmón podrían ser tratados con medicamentos, el estudio de células escamosas esz el segundo estudio, este cáncer mata a 50 mil personas cada año . >> otro estudio de una universidad en estados unidos realizó un analisis que define de manera novedosa el estado de salud de una persona, luz salió a investigar y nos dice en qué consiste el hallazo . >> es un tema complicado, pero novedoso, los cientifviscos crearon una enciclopedia que aportará conocimietnos de biología . >> e lgenoma humano nos dio un mapa de cuáles son los genes, ddescubrimos que habían solo 23 mil genes, este nuevo descubrimiento hace posible que el científico empiece a saber cuál es la funcion de cada uno de los genes. >> el doctor rené, genetista de la univisión de la florida dice que el material genetico no aportaba nada, ahora se sabe que en realidad el 80% tiene funci
Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
focuses on spending cuts having seen some violent protests in madrid investors had been protesting whether the government would take a tough stance on fiscal austeri austerity. ramin. >> how is the situation in spain effecting the currency markets? >> the euro gained a bit. let's take a look at the levels. 77.5$77.59. euro at 1.2908. dealers bought the euro against the dollar in new york after seeing developments in spain. trading action for dollar yen was a bit more muted as markets focused on developments in europe. that's it for here. back to you. >> sharp is planning to make smart phones the core of its business. they will scale down tv and solar cell divisions. sharp out sources production of its smart phone to taiwan. the first handsets went on sale until china this month. they are due to reach stores in southea southeast asia by the end of this year. it hopes to sell 1.2 units overseas. that's all for business news for this hour. i'll be back next hour. i'll leave you just with some regional market recaps. >>> israeli prime minister has urged the community to draw a red line that ir
Sep 20, 2012 7:00am EDT
in funding from madrid. no doubt the economic crisis has galvanized support not only for renegotiation with the central government but also the idea that catalonia should be independent from spain. >> [indiscernible] >> despite a record turnout, independence is a long way from becoming a reality. economics are changing the politics of this region. >> time now to hear about a budding new artist. it is a little bit abstract. it is because she has a rather unusual way of producing this work. she is an elephant and paints with her trunk. >> the elephant, a budding painter and bold experimentalist with color. >> she likes to dot with lines. asian elephants have a one- finger digit. it is a type of enrichment. they love to learn. they are super smart. for them, something super exciting to do. >> all for a good cause. the hour work will be put up for auction and all proceeds -- the artwork will be put up for auction and all proceeds given to charity. >> let me talk to you about a theme park ride in the united states which lasted longer than planned. it broke down. the thrill seekers were left
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